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How The Purchase Process Works

Step 1 - Enroll in the course and pay the required tuition and fees at your College or University.
Step 2 - Read the course syllabus carefully for important course information. It may be attached to the instructor's welcome email.

Step 3 - Register & Purchase the course software using the correct link below. You can only purchase one (1) course per order.

Steps to Register & Purchase

Step 4 - Select the course you are purchasing from the list above.
Step 5 - Course Information: select the semester, the university, the course and section then enter your student ID and click ''continue.''
Student user info: if you have never registered with Faulkner Press before you will need to create an account. Enter your information in the appropriate fields, it is recommended to use the email address provided by your university, and then click ''submit.'' If you are a returning user enter your login information at the top login and ''continue.''
Step 6 - Payment Information: Select your payment method, to use a gift code enter the code into the gift code field. Faulkner Press processes all transactions using PayPal Check Out. You can pay with a PayPal balance, a Credit Card or a Checking account using PayPal checkout. You can use PayPal guest checkout if you do not already have a PayPal account. If you use guest check out please note that you cannot use an email address or credit card associated with a pre-existing PayPal account. If you have any questions about using PayPal you will need to contact PayPal directly.
Step 7 - Once you have completed payment and returned to the Faulkner website, continue and confirm the purchase. You will receive a copy of your purchase invoice sent to the email address you provided. Download and register your software after logging into your Student user account.

System Requirements

* Power Macintosh with Intel or PowerPC processor (G3 or higher recommended)
* Mac OS 10.3 and up
* 256 MB or more available RAM
* 700 MB available disk space
* 800 x 600, 16-bit (thousands of colors) color display or better
* 3D accelerator (recommended)

* Intel Pentium III processor (or higher recommended)
* Microsoft Windows XP and up
* 256 MB or more available RAM
* 700 MB available disk space
* 800 x 600, 16-bit (thousands of colors) color display or better
* 3D accelerator (recommended)

Additional Information
* Additional hardware, system requirements and software required for computer DVD playback.
* Some features require a compatible Internet service provider; fees may apply.
* Hardware and software firewall programs for Internet security must be deactivated to use the discussion boards or online exercises. Please visit the knowledgebase for more information.

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